Mixed feelings (gemfyre) wrote in anti_smoking,
Mixed feelings

I Hope He's Learned

This was posted in my own LJ back in February.

A few months ago I reported a guy who had ditched his cigarette butt out of the car window. He had a flashy car and an easy to remember personal plate.

Today I found myself behind him again, at around the same spot. He was puffing on a ciggy again so I watched him like a hawk.

We turned a corner and he turned onto the freeway and I saw him wind up his window - he hadn't ditched the butt.

I'd like to think that he got a fine and learned from it and uses his ashtray now.
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I think you forgot to close the italics tag ;)

But yay! Saving the environment one butt at a time! :)
Nope, stuff in italics is what was in the post in my own LJ.

Happy birthday for the other day too! 31. You're so old. :p
Hopefully he learned!