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Thought this group would like these links...

I have a friend who's new neighbors smoke, and it's getting into her unit, an attached townhome. She lives in Ohio, and since I live in hippie-anti-smoking land :) (CA) I've been researching some stuff for her. And I've found some AWESOME stuff!

First, the CA department of Health site is pretty good. I especially like their parodies of old tobacco billboards: http://www.tobaccofreeca.com/

Then I found this: http://www.smokefreeapartments.org Yeah, so trying to find a place to live from here! People aren't allowed to smoke inside units or in common areas where I live, but people hang out on their balconies or patios, which sucks. Also, http://www.smokefreeapartments.org/Registry_Pix/Can%20You%20Be%20Sued.pdf this article is awesome. I recommended my friend give that to her landlord either in person or anonymously!

My favorite is a publication titled "There is No Constitutional Right to Smoke"! http://www.phlpnet.org/system/files/There%20Is%20No%20Constitutional%20Right%20to%20Smoke%20(national%20version)_3_08.pdf

The website it comes from: http://www.phlpnet.org/tobacco-control has a ton of great information. Again, another CA site.

I seriously think if I ever had to move, the anti-smoking laws are the thing I'd miss the most! Even more than the weather and the beach!
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