Mixed feelings (gemfyre) wrote in anti_smoking,
Mixed feelings

Pinged another one

A few days ago, I was just heading home from work and had my windows down to get some fresh air when I was bombarded with cigarette stink. A quick glance around revealed the culprit was in the car in front of me.

So I wrote down the details of the car, and watched him like a hawk. Not far down the road the butt flew out the window onto the road.

That's a fine for you you bastard!

And a few posts back someone commented that they think "considerate smoker" is an oxymoron. Y'know, it's so true. I am going to stop referring to some smokers as "considerate smokers". Smoke cannot be considerate. It permeates and clings and stinks.

Take my co-worker. Lovely lady. But a smoker. She goes downstairs for her ciggy because legislation forces her to, but she puts her butts in the kitchen bin (she DOES do this because there are no ashtrays downstairs and she is nice enough to not chuck her butts anywhere), but the kitchen REEKS afterwards. And when she comes back into the office it takes all my effort not to go into a coughing fit. She thinks mints cover it. She bitched about another woman in our old building who complained about the smell, "I go OUTSIDE!" Yes love, but the smell remains for AGES.

And then there was her constant bitching over the tax increase for ciggies. I told her straight that she was getting no sympathy from me.
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