surrey_sucks (surrey_sucks) wrote in anti_smoking,

Smoking on TV--random thoughts

I'm watching an old episode of Friends which is from 1997, and in the episode, Chandler is going through a smoking phase. In the scene I just watched, he was smoking inside the cafe, Central Perk. This shocked me--smoking inside a coffee shop. Of course I have no idea what the smoking laws are now like in New York City, so for all I know, smoking is still allowed inside public places like coffee shops (ie. places that are not clubs and bars), and this is not shocking.

But it still surprised me, because Vancouver, where I live, is one of the more anti-smoking cities (not that smoking laws are ever enforced...), and smoking inside public places has been banned for a long time. But whenever I see old shows, I am always surprised at smoking inside public places!
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