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A day at the beach

Last week we had really nice weather, so I went to the beach on Saturday. I rarely go to the beach, one of the reasons being smokers. (I can't wait until the smoking ban on beaches goes into effect--unfortunately, it won't be until the fall.) Surprisingly, four hours went by before I had to leave because of a nearby smoker (there were a couple of other people smoking during the course of the afternoon, but thank goodness their smoke was not blowing my way).

Anyway, there were a couple of girls who sat beside me, and out of the corner of my eye, I thought I saw one of the girls start smoking a cigarette, and the cigarette smoke waft by. Immediately an expression of horror crossed my face, and I turned my head to confirm if the girl was indeed smoking, or if I had been mistaken. The non-smoking girl, who had noticed my expression, said, "Don't worry! It's not a real!" It turned out that it was one of those fake cigarettes, in which only water vapor is released, so while there was visible smoke, it didn't smell at all.

I was really relieved, and the girls and I started chatting about smoking, as well as other topics. Several hours later they went to smoke a real cigarette, but they left the beach area, which I thought was really considerate. I can't believe that my day at the beach wasn't ruined by smokers!
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